Friday, 11 July 2014

Top 5 Urdu To English Dictionary List

Introduction of Urdu dictionaries :

Get all Endors data about these all online dictionaries it help you to get all meaning of learning English. The Aim of this dictionaries is make your English strong because its an international language which is speaking around the globe

Urdu Web is exactly what you want. Urdu Web is a complex reserve of over 200 sites, all of them containing some of the world's foremost English to Urdu dictionaries.

Clean Touch :

Cleantouch is the oldest and the most reputed name in providing English & Urdu dictionaries. After success of last 6 editions of dictionary, this seventh edition is being introduced with addition of 33,000+ new English words & its meaning. Both 70,000+ English to Urdu and 80,000+ Urdu to English meanings have been presented in a simple language and straightforward style so that even the average reader encounters no difficulty in understanding the right meanings. It's a unique dictionary based on latest Unicode technology, developed using power of Microsoft .NET platform. It has a simple and user friendly interface. It supports wildcard search & all the keyboard accessibility features of Microsoft Windows (e.g. On-Screen Keyboard & Customizing Keyboard Layout ETC). Customization section let you configure functionalities, fonts & themes. It can be installed on various Windows versions including Windows 7, Vista & XP even on low end systems.

Hamari Web :

Hamari Web is a very dedicated effort to promote Urdu, and because of its easy access, easy language, and large number of informative articles, HamariWeb is becoming a popular website amongst youngsters. HamariWeb's cleanliness also proves the fact that they rank amongst the best.

Urdu Inc :

Urduinc is popular amongst those who have a passion for learning Urdu and also amongst people who want to revolutionize Urdu as the most popular and widely spoken language in the world. Urduinc is the world's best online lughat. Urduinc is a complex archive of articles, words and literary works compiled from the best references around the world. Our team strives constantly to uphold your needs by providing English to Urdu, Roman to Urdu and Urdu to English dictionaries.

Urdu To English Dictioanry :

Urdu to English Dictionary is designed keeping in mind the needs of the Urdu speakers who want to learn English and often want to translate Urdu words into English. You can find English meanings of almost all Urdu words by typing them into the search box. Also, for those people who do not have an Urdu keyboard, an online keyboard is also attached. Almost ever would searches be easier found.

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